Now I must explain myself as to why I call my blog, Mossyy05. You see that is when I began my dive into virtual space so to speak. In 2005. I have found many new ideas and some very interesting people since then. But why is it that the blog only it seems to be started only in 2009. Well the answer is that I have not been blogging that often and have been content to follow and see what people are up to and all the many interesting ideas that they have been coming up with since then. I find it dificult to write about something and generally do not blog but love to learn new things and meet new people in my life. As I grow older I seem to have lost a lot of that inclination to get down and put my thoughts into word. It seemed so easy when I was younger. Life flowed for me. My life has been mixed up to now and is not very interesting. Comparing from some of the people who’s blog’s seem to be filled with so many ideas and thoughts. I compliment them all and wish them well in all that they do and strive for. We need more interesting people out there and I am glad I have found many of them.


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