Respect Life

What is it to show respect for life?

We live in an age where the openness with regards to what life is all about is trivialised by the material aspects of life itself. We find that in regards to someone giving birth that we have the right to stop that which is to be born. Two Sundays ago was Respect Life Sunday for the catholic church. Respect Life Sunday is against the right to terminate a life before 24 weeks. The Government of Australia has decriminalised abortion meaning that doctors and nurses cannot refuse the right of someone to end the life of an unborn child under 24 weeks.

The Law – The Abortion Law Reform Bill 2008

Under the new law a pregnant (expectant) woman under 24 weeks gestation can virtually demand an abortion.After 24 weeks and right up to the birth of the child she has to seek the approval of two doctors before she can proceed with the abortion. The law also allows nurse and pharmacists to supply drugs designed to cause abortions of a foetus under 24 weeks old without the involvement of a medial doctor.  A detailed transcript of the bill can be found at Victorian Law Reform site.  

This horrifies me to a certain extent as not only are we playing God but that we are committing murder on a innocent life. Does not that unborn child have a heart beat? If it does then why do we allow anyone the right to terminate it? Let alone pass legislation allowing that to happen. Do we not have a conscience that says you are committing murder?Perhaps the word I use is too strong and in this day an age we should allow the freedom of a person the right to do what they like? But did we ever ask if that unborn child if they wished to live or die? We cannot of course as they are not yet born into our world. 

I find it difficult to imagine how the sanctity of life has been laid so bare to our society.  I find it hard to accept that any woman is able to live with herself after ending the life of their unborn child. Sure they may have been more certain than nought at the time to say I do not wish to bring my son or daughter into this world with all it evils and turmoils but is it their decision to make. I would say no. Not because I am catholic but because I know what is it like to lose an unborn child. The pain is eternal. Nothing can ever take it away. Hence how can I support a legislation that decriminalised abortion. There are so many woman out there trying to have a child and even in Australia many more that want a child. 

We have come so far in our society only to go backwards even further in many more ways.  Lets not take the sanctity of life and destroy it. Read what the Catholic Church says about it.

Respect Life



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