Faith is a wonderful part of our human existence. It is not something that we can do without as we deal with it in all our daily lives. For instance I trust that you will do the right thing by me. Just as I trust my friend to be a good friend to me. We have to have faith in all we do as without it we will surely perish. It is not only spiritual but to a certain extent physical. I trust that I can carry the load to the car. Perhaps on a metaphysical plain. Faith is what keeps me going day by day doing the things I need to do at work and at home. For me it is more spiritual than physical as without that special gift to feel and know faith I cannot exist.

Why because it keeps me alive. To trust all those around me to be a good friend or family. We have to trust even strangers to guide us on our daily path. As Pentecost descends upon us and Easter comes to a close I feel that I am lost without my faith not just being a catholic but by being a person. If you do not have faith in your ability to live, can you. Will you not drown in your internal self. Believe in yourself and have faith.


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