Michael Jackson – The legend lives on.

The man the music is dead. But Michael Jackson’s legacy lives on. I started following Michael and his music when I was very young. It was when I saw a young boy of my age sing on the TV show.  Perhaps the Andy Williams Show of the Ed Sullivan Show. I used to watch it a lot as I love music and I love to sing. The host introduced a young group of 5 African American boys whose Motown music was taking the world by storm. The talent of one boy in particular was mentioned – a 11 year old Michael Jackon. He was singing with his brothers – the then Jackson Five. Their music thrilled me then and I thought wow this boy can dance and sing as well.

I said to myself  that there are going to be great things that this boy can achieve and indeed he did. Throughout his life Michael Jackson created some of the most memorable and enjoyable songs our world has ever known.  I have always loved his music and I guess I always will. You see I was the same age as Michael then and was growing up to a world of television and music. I will never achieve the greatness that he achieved but I will always remember Michael for what he gave the world. His life and his Music.

He died at age 50 but would have turned 51 in August 09 and of an age barely old enough to be called old. But I see Michael as never really having grown up. He is still that same boy. Did it matter if he was black or white? I never thought so. When you have lived the life that Michael lived and that life was filled with being a pefectionist, you never are really part of this world. It was never good enough for him to just do what you did before. He always wanted to do so much more.  I believe that this is what killed him not the drugs as they mentioned. When he tried to return the pressure was too great for him to bear and he could not take not being able to peform as he always did.

The boy, the music lives in my heart forever and I live in his music forever. Michael you will always be a legend. May you rest in peace, Michael Joseph Jackson.


3 thoughts on “Michael Jackson – The legend lives on.

  1. I use to work the AMA’s for 11 years. Michael came into a party at the Shrine afterwards and walked over to where I was standing…we were the very first to get there. I told him he had lipstick on his cheek, and he turned to have me wipe it off. I did and sat the napkin on a small table. Someone grabbed it and ran. He had a soft presence I will always smile when I remember. He taught us that it did not matter if we were black or white…we are the world.

    • I attended Michael’s concert in Singapore at the National Stadium many years ago. It was electric and the air was a buzz with this person whose very presence ignited the people into a frenzy. His dance, his music his love and sheer talent and genuis made the event an unforgettable day for me and my friends. When I read today all the stories that are slowly evolving I am very saddend that the people around him only cared for one thing, what he could make for them and not him. to them he was not a person but a commodity a product tobe used and traded. What has this world become that commerce drives people to such disgusting levels of inhumanity to a genius. Sadly his end is like Elvis so many years ago. Michael the prodigy and genuis of our age was left to die a very slow death over so many years instead of being cared for by those around him. These people should be jailed for letting him go down the path he went. Michael we will always remember your gift of Music and life to us. May you rest in peace.

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