This was taken in 1973 when I was a wee fellow and had more hair. L to R. Christine, cousin Ann, her sister Emily, their Brother Harry, me, my sister Rose and my Brother Alan. This was just before Rose went off to UK to study nursing. She never completed it. If you look carefully you will see it taken in a wooden house. I grew up in an Attap house on stilts in a Kampong.



It been a while. Yes I know. I haven’t posted for a long time. You see its because of social media. What do I post and where? I even don’t post often to FB. You know that social media giant that keeps us glued to our phone and tablets and all our other devices. 

We have had the Olympics 2016 and Australia seems to have done well. Yeah! But some amazing stories came out of the games. Like Singapore winning its 1st Gold medal in the 100M Butterfly by Joseph Schooling. Well done Joseph. FIJI winning the Rugby 7 a side. Great job guys and Australia winning the Modern Olympics Penthalon for womens. Wow! The triumphs that some achieved is amazing. I am sure there were many more. But all in all the Rio Games was a success. 

Life now goes back to normal. What’s on for next week. Well lots. Maybe I’ll talk about that another day. God Bless you all.